Lala Eat 是 Metropolitan Kitchen 旗下的餐飲品牌之一,

我哋嘅使命係為大家帶嚟美味健康而價錢合理嘅食物。除咗 Lala Eat ,其他品牌包括喺葵涌提供咖啡及各式西餐嘅 Cafe 52 ,同位於銅鑼灣嘅型格浪漫酒吧 Red Tears
Metropolitan Kitchen 嘅理念係提供健康美味而價格合理嘅食品同飲品。我們注重食物嘅味道、健康、食材品質、製作過程、地方整潔、環境品味及服務質素等,務求為大眾帶來優質嘅餐飲服務體驗。


Story of Lala Eat


My name is LALA : )

People say I’m pretty, but I think I am actually Super Pretty. I am also good in singing and dancing. I think I will be a movie star in future. This is our home. It is small but enough for me, my mum and dad and my rabbit BUBU 🐰.

My father is a teacher and he always teach me mathematics but I do not like it. My mother is a housewife. She is a good cook and make my lunchbox every day. It is delicious and I love it!

I am going to school now. Have a good day. I can sing for you next time. But I don’t think I want to share my lunchbox with you.